Congrats! You are a boss!

​Have you just become a man manager ?  Congrats! So you have got what you always wished for ! Coveted Boss status ! Have you met astrologer yet and asked if you would be a good manager or not. I know you couldn’t but you really want to , isn’t it? Never mind ! Don’t […]

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Talent Queue 

While we all wish speedy recovery to the iconic chief minister of Tamilnadu Ms. Jayalalitha, we all must know why it is imperative to develop a talent queue ?  The fate of such a mammoth political organisation is in question!  Talking about innovation and not doing anything is well known, talking about people development and […]

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Fear & Respect

They say that to be a successful team manager,  your team must have one of these two things towards you. Respect is undisputed one but let’s discuss fear and is it really that important? Let’s say it works and you earn docile team members because of this FEAR ! But who will follow someone who […]

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